For The Police Record is my latest attempt to resolve what I regard as some important issues.

The biggest issue, being a religious cult of global proportions fabricating, that-is "inventing" a false messiah.

Clearly, to those who can think, this, if true, is an enormous issue, indeed, an enormous crime, not just against the poor sod they "chose" to play their puppet, to play "Jesus returned", but against everyone who has been conned, convinced seduced or hypnotized to believe it.

As the religious cult is non-other than the Catholic church, and, somewhat amazingly, in collusion with the Freemasons, and other cults of huge follower numbers, from Britain and India, the crime of deceiving people into believing Jesus has returned, is, in classically appropriate terms "of Biblical proportions"!

I've been suspicious that much was happening behind my back, in my own family, amongst so-called "friends" and across the various workforces I've been employed in, for decades now.

But it wasn't until about 2004 that I started having a serious look into the mystery of my own life.

In what follows, I try once more, to put together the evidence, with a lot of conjecture, speculation and assumption, surrounding this extremely dangerous GLOBAL crime.

By "GLOBAL", I mean that when the subject, and the evidence and the "conspiracy" are all weighed-up, they amount to perhaps "the largest crime against Humanity", since we began walking the Earth.

Being in the very centre of this deception, it is to be expected that I might see it this way.

I named this "blog" For The Police Record, because I am so shocked by what I have uncovered in the last decade and longer, about myself, my family, and the other players involved, that I prefer that the coppers read it themselves, and go about exposing the criminals, passed and present, and finally put a stop to the ongoing deception which are the modern Catholic, Christian religions, and even Jewish, or at least a later invention known as the "Zionist" movement, as well as those other cults who have willingly participated, now for well over one hundred years, and, LEAVE ME ALONE, (I say with jocular emphasis)!

But the bottomline under all of this is no joke, and as the Victorian Police seem to have had something of an awakening as to who are correct in terms of religious authority, that-is, "CULTURAL authority", that-is, what Values a psychologically Healthy Community, Society, Nation and World need-must recognize and seek to operate upon, perhaps the fraudulent cults behind my victimization, and behind steering the whole world astray, will at last, be brought to account, and to Justice?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Witch Church?

Senator Nick Xenophon? Which church school do you pledge allegiance to?

Agh! HELLO? Has anyone heard of that old favorite of the dominant Catholic paradigm, the “witchhunt”?

For one would be excused, excommunicated or not, for thinking that these attacks on that rather strange occult organization, the Church of Scientology, are yet another attempt by the unholy faithful of Catholicism or Anglicanism, to discredit yet another mob treading on their shrinking turf?

Most Australians over fifty years old remember the debacle surrounding that other strange occult mob, the Ananda Marga, in the 1970s or thereabouts, and the dominant cults' attempts to have them demonized and ejected from our fine, thoroughly corrupted soils.

Soils thoroughly corrupted by no less than the dominant cults of Catholicism and Anglicanism, thank you.

Being non-partisan to any cult – they're all deceitful and deluded power-trippers – I nevertheless fall here, on the side of the Scientologists, mainly because they seem to be the underdogs.

American – that-is – NOT YOU RAPE-ian, aside, and taken by Hubbard's strange beliefs etc., aside.

The young Tom Cruise, as he played “Top Gun” - my double from a passed-life, which is why I like the boy – and dunked in the full Hollywood egotrip aside, who are the Catholics, or Angles, or Greek Orthodoxians to be charging the Scientologists with being corrupt?

There does seem once more to be a power-play going-on here, for an Australian parliamentarian to be issuing challenges to a foreign church to verify their credentials?

And clearly not just a power-play for more Souls?

I'm sorry I couldn't be bothered surfing Wikipedia for the guff on which school Xenophon was inducted by, and don't even recall on which side of the Senates' drinks cabinet he sits, but either way, today, it's clear that the dunked Christians, from Rome, Dublin, Athens (near the old Constantinople?) or Lambeth are closing ranks against ANY who threaten their greedy hold on both economic and religious power.

It is yet another exposure of the travesties of justice which run this nation-nay-planet when someone like Nick – er – sorry SENATOR Nick Xenaphon, gets all shirty about a cult rising in popularity amidst the failings and now decades-old exposures of the rudest, most genocidal, most environmentally unsustainable and indeed, most self-deceived and deceitful cults of Rome and Dublin and Canterbury and HARK? Israel!

He has been in discussions with Greens and Coalition senators about an inquiry into the tax-exempt status of the church.” (unquote:

Holy hokus pokus!

Which of the plenitude of cults making hay in Australia, on the profits from usury and speculation on.., and of.., the stolen land of the Aborigine, does Xenophon think are exempt from a complete and thorough inquiry NAY INQUISITION, as to the veracity of ANY OF THEM claiming tax-exemption????????

Get off the clover Nick!

Smoking the Holy Herb “Mary-do-ya-wanna” makes for “child-like honesty”, and tends to have us face our own corruptions – INSIDE – to the point where we see the shrouds of utter deceit, draped over our minds by the dominant cult paradigms, as no-less than the most deadly evils.

A few months ago, Green's Senator Bob Brown challenged the dubious Catholic “Exclusive Brethren” about what they were upto behind closed confessionals. Slipped away into the cloisters with nary another media release, they did!

Naughty Bob! Getting toooo close to the bone, perhaps?

I was terrorized and jailed, then persecuted by-the-hour, for years..., for saying that the dominant corruption, ex-Rome, should be brought to face an Impartial Inquisition.

So, as Senator Xenophon is on the INSIDE of the upclub, and is in parlance with the Greens and the coalition over cult tax-exemption, let's see him, a “respectable” member of society - the most sinful and corrupted society on earth aside – call loud and clear for an inquiry over the veracity of ALL FOREIGN RELIGIONS claiming tax – which might be LAND TAX – exemptions in Astrayliar!

After all, a Just government, would employ a JUST Taxation system, would they not?

And OH!? Lookie-lookie! Right there in their own little black book – THE BIBLE! - we see the LAWS on how Land should be distributed and how tax should be LEVIED!


Get off the grass, Xenophon!

Whose paying yer???

I say, OUR SOILS OUR OWN, Australia!

And.., dissolve all foreign religions who refuse to publicly advocate Land Reforms based upon Land Rent for Government Revenue

"Independent Senator" means next to nothing in a parliament as corrupt and biased and partial as all are in Australia.

So..., which church were you indoctrinated into Senator?

Greece was once the centre of Philosophy - that is - the Love of Wisdom - in the west, but clearly the news about it's looming public debt and bankruptcy show us that either they, long ago, lost their way, or were long ago corrupted by the Roman cult, the IMF of old!

It's no good, leaving things half unpacked..., Senator Xenophon.

It just leaves you more to do, down the track.......!

The same applies to the heads of Sydney's ICAC.

But clearly, no-one there can bring the Balance back..............


Mr Brown! Come-on Down!

3rd Email to "Cult Counselling"

Sent on 13/03/10. (Apart from a response following my second email, I've had nothing from them?)


Thank you for your response.

I delayed replying to your email, due to futility.

Also, today I further read your website and saw that Cult Counselling charges fees.

This is not unreasonable, obviously.

However, as I am on my own in regard to this matter, as my family have repeatedly denied this “set-up”, and have “betrayed” me to authorities, I assert, in order to protect the church involved, and as I have been forced out of the workforce and onto a government pension (forced out of earning my own keep in about 1994, and onto a pension in 2000), paying any fees for your services would appear to be out of the question.

Also, after a few days since receiving your email, I have again put time and thought into what my chances are of ever resolving this, and basically conclude that it is, for myself, irresolvable.

Because of the repeated “betrayal” by government, family, friends and all others I have approached in regard to this rubbish, I am left with no choice but to also be wary of trusting “Cult Counselling”.

I apologise for this, and feel sure your employees are of high integrity.

However passed experience has shown me over and again that those who would keep me silent, in the dark and exiled (including my own mother, and my “half-”siblings, government, police and so-called “psyche-services”), are extremely influential and, indeed, powerful, such that they do not hesitate to “invade” anyone elses privacy to keep control of myself and of this heinous and phenomenally large “plan” or, “conspiracy”.

Of the last few years, I have found information relating to this, which goes to large and powerful forces in Britain, which include the wealthy “Zionists” of Oxford England.

While I have no reason to argue against Jewish Peoples having a homeland of their own, I cannot ignore the evidence which says that the current “nation-state” of Israel, is in fact illegal.

I mention this because I note that a few members of Cult Counselling are Jewish, and I expect that the predominant Australian Jewry are themselves Zionist also, therefore here I find another reason to feel uncertain about taking this personal issue any further with Cult Counselling Australia.

Again, I apologise for saying this, and reiterate my feelings that your employees are no doubt of high integrity.

But without a full and honest exposure of the “conspiracy” which has been my own life, since my conception in 1954, and for at least 60 years before that, which involves both murder, AND genocide, of my Aborigine Ancestral Family of the “Gunai” Tribe in Gippsland Victoria in the 1890s, a full and honest exposure which I feel certain is beyond the abilities of “Cult Counselling”, nothing further can be done by Cult Counselling.

If, however, Cult Counselling was motivated by what I have so-far written, and if Cult Counselling would act to both save my life, and save a great many people from further deceptions and cult crimes, maybe Cult Counselling can investigate what I have written, both in these three emails to “CC”, but also in my web log?

I do note that CC charges for time spent reading and researching.

However, as I assert, with sound evidence, that this affair of which I am (most unfortunately) in the centre, is perhaps of fundamental importance to the resolution of this basic and seriously errant phenomenon, of cults deploying “mind control techniques” on otherwise innocent persons, may I suggest that CC makes it's own investigations into “my” affairs?

Were I able, I would compile all the relevant evidence, and essays and articles I have written on this, my, and the Catholic church's matter, of attempting to “construct” a false messiah, into one tome, book or collection.

But because of this very same curse, I am unable. Neither is it the want of the “conspirators”, and/or of those who have taken bribes to remain silent.

As I wrote in the first email I sent CC, which CC apparently did not receive, going to my weblog at you will find more than enough on the matter.

However, as there are perhaps over 500 “e-ssays” as I call them, on maxearth.blogspot, many of which address unrelated issues, mainly of politics, CC best employ a fast reader to scan through the blogsite's posts.

Also, with maxearth.blogspot, the reader must be prepared for some blunt statements and “course language”.

Finally, while most of these type of approaches to and taken-on by Cult Counselling Australia would be more interested in “saving” individuals and families from such terrible offences, with all humility, sincerity and soundness of mind, even while “hexed”, I do again assert that this one is possibly the biggest fraud upon the minds of the mass of Catholics, and Christians in general.

As to whether there is credence in the allegations I raise, that at least my mother and her ancestral family, the “Sutherland” of Scotland, believe that they, and thus I, am descended from Jeshua ben Joseph, aka Jesus Christ himself, and therefore that our blood is that of Jesus, etcetera-and-on, I cannot say.

It may indeed be so!


But of a certainty, so many many others are also.

From my own personal Journey in Philosophy, I cannot be convinced that “blood” matters in the slightest, in being at One with the All Pervading Spirit of Life, that all religions and Philosophies call “God”, or “YHVH”, or “Allah”, “Brahma”, Et Al.

So, “fees” aside for the minute, if Cult Counselling Australia is genuine, and is sincerely interested in "arresting" this disgusting game of "cult mind control", and all it's insinuations and ramifications, and if CC CAN help me at all, then it can only be in exposing this grand deceit, by the Catholic church, to all, for all.

Otherwise, I am left to remain defiant, to my death.

I use OpenOffice software (by Sun Microsystems) on my laptop. I expect you are familiar.

I say so because I will attempt to send you an attachment with this email, a single A4 page .odg document (“.odg” is an “Drawing” software document, which comes no charge with OpenOffice) which is an “ancestral tree” of my lineage, to the best of my knowledge and inquiries.

It may be of interest and assistance to you?

Please be aware that my own investigations about my own family's history, particularly about my massacred Aborigine Ancestors, but also about the fact that I am illegitimate, and that possibly my own mother is a murderer, uncovered in only the last few years, has deeply effected me, and my want and ability to relate to other people is now non-existent, to the point of my being a very cold misanthropist.

Justice, please?

(The attachment referred to is a "Family Tree" diagram I drew-up in the Open Office DRAW program. I'd show it on this blog but I don't know how to?)

2nd Email to "Cult Counselling"

Sent on 05/03/10.


As I sent you an email on 22nd February 2010, describing my need for assistance, and have received nothing in reply as yet, I write again, 1, asking at least some recognition or confirmation that “Cult Counselling Australia” has received my 22/02/10 email, and 2, with notice of a further development in this, my farcical life.

I do understand the barriers to others in communicating with myself, and also the means through which I may build a defence, so-as to make communication “safe”. Therefore I apologise for failing in this regard.

To that “issue” of developing my own personality to the point of adequate defence, I recently found myself once more, reviewing my life, and was brought, for one reason or another to recall my teenage years, and the few “friends” I had.

In these ponderings, I was reminded of a fellow who befriended me while I was attending Box Hill Technical College.

From what I now know about mis-and-mal-use of the powers of the mind, it is clear that this person, “David Edney”, was “empowered” shall-we-say, even from his teenage years.

My life in retrospect, was tragic from the beginning. But I can now say that my association with this person increased the trauma significantly.

For decades now, I've been at a loss, over the fact that too many of my relationships ended badly, leaving me seriously troubled as to why.

Naturally, this has also left me severely effected in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-opinion, as well as holding many negative feelings and beliefs about people generally.

I feel there's no great advantage to going into details here, about this fellow, and the events of forty-odd years ago, more than to say that a few memories stand-out.

One, is of a day in my family's back yard. I had my Good childhood friend from 2 houses up the street with me, and we were painting the “billycarts” we'd spent the previous months constructing.

On this particular day, “David” was with “Macca” and myself. As time passed, I, for a forgotten reason, lost my temper with Macca, and proceeded to destroy his billycart in a wild tantrum.

My memories of this moment also contain images of David standing nearby, looking down at myself as I was bent over using a hammer or such on Macca's cart.

David, watching me, was wearing a broad, somewhat devilish grin.

A few other events involving David remain, but one stands-out as significant in regard to this my call for cult counselling, in that it would seem correct that David has been integral in my “fallen” condition, now for forty years, because of some psychosis of envy or such.

As kids do, we, David and I, one day at his family's home, compared the size of our lingams, our penises. I was surprised that his was but one or two inches long, while mine more “normal” in size.

I've thought nothing of this since then, apart from, when he comes to mind, that observation.

In my observations of human character traits, jealousies, envy, desires etc., I find that it is clear such physical “inadequacies” can breed deep and twisted resentment, and now, from my reflections of a few days ago, and a sudden “relaxation” that entered me when I remembered David, and that tantrum event against Macca, it is clear that David has been deploying his powers-of-mind against me, for four decades.

Further “divination”, if-I-may, and a check of the “white pages” telephone directory, through my mobile phone Bigpond network, came-up with two apparent points.

One is that David lives but a few kilometres from the forest I've been hiding in, I believe in the hamlet of Clonbinane, and that he is in some way involved with the Freemasons.

I expect your organisation knows that the Freemasons have been waging something of a war against the Catholics, for centuries.

Indeed, my political focus has established that what we call politics, in the western world, is more accurately termed religious “friction”, if not out-and-out war, where, in Australia, the Australian Labor Party is essentially Catholic, and the Liberal Party essentially, well...., “Anglican”.

This may break-down to be English Anglicanism versus Irish Catholicism, but further inquiry establishes that the Freemasons have pretty-much always been behind the “Protestant” strain of Christianity, and Rome of course, Catholicism.

What more can I say?

It does seem, however, that the Freemasons, with whom I have had quite some sympathy, for many years, (because I have figured, rightly or not, that they were strongly in favour of the individual's Superior, or indeed.., “Godly” Spirit, believing that we, and all life, are of Essence, That Spirit of the Eternal, to the Hebrew “YHVH”, and that it is our Inalienable Right to Recognise That, etc., and let it show or shine from within us, as opposed to the Catholic perception and doctrine, that only “Jesus” was/is God), but it does seem that the Freemasons have been defrauded by the “envy” or whatever, of this David Edney fellow who sought my friendship all those years ago.

As I have no doubt that the “plan” involving my mother, her St Joseph's Convent of Collingwood, Melbourne, Catholics generally and the Theosophical Society, has been known of for almost as long as it has been in action, I also now, have no doubt that the Freemasons have also known.

So I cannot reject the high likelihood that David and perhaps his parents et al, have been “on my case” for four decades, purely to subvert this plan of the Catholics. Thus, in a clearly fanatical and psychotic manner, David has interceded, intervened in all my relationships to date, making my life impossible, and, I maintain, permanently damaged.

It is now impossible for me to NOT feel anger at least, against my own family, and against the police and mental health authorities and the public, who have exiled and terrorised me over the last two decades, both for refusing to play their puppet, and for being the puppet of other seriously bent minds! That they laid the blame upon me, for the damage I've been the instrument of creating, shows the dangers of their own ignorance in matters of cult practices and the potentials of misuse of the occult.

The tragic irony for myself is, that I agree with the basic tenet of Freemasonry, and disagree vehemently with the Catholic view of “only Jesus is God”, or, that “Jesus is the only son of God”?

But, in my years of frustration, Meditation and contemplation, I am left closer to Buddhist “beliefs” in that there is no “God”, at least as any of the “western” faiths would describe.

While believing that the Freemasons and Catholics, and all in-between of the western world, have been “hypnotized lost sheep” for millennia, I must say that the Freemasons of Melbourne, and of the world, have been inflicted with a great insult for David's fanatical obsession with making my life the tragedy and farce that is and has been, for forty years, merely because of his minuscule lingam.

Especially if he joined the Freemasons to add support to his dysfunctional desires for power over me, the Catholic puppet. But also if he has deceived them about himself, and why he does what he does.

I've associated with Freemasons over the decades, and found that they are of Honorable mind-stuff, albeit that there are some who are themselves but puppets to a darker force than the world needs.

Over the last two decades, I've given much time and wordage to condemning Catholicism. Now, finding that David has been bringing this hatred out in me, for whatever reason, leaves me, a little humbled, for perhaps my antipathy toward Catholicism has been not entirely correct?

But there can be no doubt, that both sides of the “northern” that-is essentially “Christian” equation, ex-Britain and Europe, are far from the Essential Truth, in regard to Right-mindedness and Right Culture, for it cannot be doubted, that their customs, cultures and social trends are what are bringing this Sacred Planet undone, environmentally, and socially.

Their, and yes, their HQ of Judaism's, “superiority complex” which has been genocidal toward the Aborigine of Australia and elsewhere, and their blind desecration of the Earth, are, to my mind, unforgiveable, which means, I believe at least the two “Christian” 'faiths' should cease to receive any benefits, especially from the Public Purse, in the manner of “tax breaks” etc.

For too long, they have deceitfully, unjustly and illegally avoided, evaded “paying the Rent”, as per “Leviticus 25”, etc.

Also, their abuse of the occult powers, Sacred Powers the Aborigine know well to treat with the utmost Respect, is to be condemned with the greatest severity, which would Rightly, spell the end of their cults, and of their shenanigans.

For clearly, if they, Catholic and Freemason, are left to carry-on as they have, for at least 1600 years (since the “Councils of Nicea”), against any and all True Cultures and Peoples, they will send us all to Hell.

But this is only my view, from exile, and from 55 years of blind trauma, and observation.

Saying what I have, here and on such as my web log, does NOT make me an Enlightened person, nor any “Jesus returned”.

I am but a puppet.

If “Cult Counselling Australia” is neutral, and looks for the betterment of individuals and the whole Community, I ask that you please assist me, at least with some communication, and with public exposure of this heinous “plan”?

I also do NOT think it is too much for myself to ask for some “compensation” from the manipulative parties of the Catholics and others, regardless of the fact that apparently, "an inheritance" awaits me, if I were to play puppet to a foolish belief cult.

If you can help me with that, I would be very happy to show my appreciation?

1st Email to "Cult Counselling"

(Sent 22/02/10.)


My name is Max Nichols Cook(-Meredith-O'Brien).

I now call myself "Omaxa bin Eartha".

I'd like to discuss, either in by (cell)phone or email, my "issue", which is of having been 'selected' by the catholic church (which I regard as no more than a cult), to be their "puppet".

The reason I wish discussions to be by email or phone is because, after over two decades of "persecution", from both Catholics and 'anti-Christians', police and society-in-general, I'm now suffering "post traumatic stress disorder" in-the-extreme, so am now misanthropic, and near-totally averse to "in-person" human contact.

I'm 55 y/o this April, and after a life of deceit, by family and friends, I have investigated the mysteries entwined in my and my family's life, to establish beyond doubt that this "puppet" thing, is fact.

The "Theosophical Society" is, I think, also behind this manipulation of my Soul (or mind, depending upon whether you believe in the "soul"), as well as my mother's family lineage, who are the Scottish "Sutherlands" clan, one of the most wealthy, powerful and influential dynasties.

My investigations over the last three or four years have uncovered terrible tragedies, and terribly fanatical people and organizations who resort to extreme measures in the hope of fulfilling their "plan", with little, broken me as the fall-guy.

It seems it has gone beyond their or my ability to control or stop this charade, so I am now caught in such a bind that I see no way out.

I was given your website address today after speaking to an adviser at Victorian Legal Aid.

I will not approach the police for help, as when I have in the past, they have sided with the cult.

Maybe you can help, as my family have also, it seems, 'sold their souls'?

I ask that, if preliminary investigations are made by yourselves, DO NOT CONTACT ANY OF MY FAMILY, ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER.

Her story is perhaps as tragic, she is now 87 y/o, and hides a crime of 56 years ago, which (I think) the convent she was taken to in 1932, used to blackmail her into partaking of this cult puppet charade. A charade, a plan, which may have been in play for over 100 years.

As I have found no support or facts from anyone over the years I've been investigating, and as I have no 'associations' what-so-ever, I have, perhaps out of frustration, perhaps out of outright defiance, posted many articles which go to this matter, on my weblog site

If you wish please have a look. It will take some time to find them as they are amidst the numerous other articles I post, on similar and political issues.

As this request for assistance is of rather large proportions, a look at the weblog site will give you an insight as to my level of sanity.

However, please be warned, I am on occasion, inclined to use swear words, for emphasis.

A Rabbi from "Bri Brnth", once, in conversation with me, alluded to Jesus ben Joseph of 2000 years ago, as "a good little Jewish boy".

I understood.


Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max N Cook

Catholic Abuses

I happened to listen to ABC Radio National's "Spirit of Things" today, which Oh Golly Gosh was about "cult abuses".
So I flung this word-bomb off to me ol' darling Rachael Kohn who compares the program.
THEN, I spied their "Have Your Say" page, and flung a copy of it onto that as well!!!
(we'll see if they post it for public viewage?)

Please include the mainstream cult of Catholicism in any reports, allegations and charges of "abuse"!
The Theosophical Society also!
Both are in deep in forcing me to play a false messiah!
You know about this, as do all in ABC!
Don't condemn one (Xenophon V Scientology) without doing the same Just thing to all!
Wherever the Catholic church has been, abuses are rampant. All of society, worldwide, is damaged because of this, and yet your Catholic, Zionist ABC, ALP mobs say and do nothing?
USA, Sth America, Ireland, Australia, now all of Europe are up-in-arms against the church.
The biggest abuse, of trying to fool the masses that "Jesus" has returned, is the most evil.
Accepting their "30 pieces of silver" to stay silent spells doom for everyone!
The Catholic church, and ALL "Christian" churches, are exposed as false religions today.
You cannot and must not continue to deny these hard but essential FACTS!
Don't leave it until I personally act violently!
Hordes of sympathetic "Outlaws" are breaking-loose because of this, in support of my case, and your mobs' keeping quiet will only exacerbate the chaos!
Everyone who ignores my plea is abusing me, raping me, killing me slowly.
Taking the bribes makes animals of you all, and threatens the future of every Human Being.
Give it UP, Girlie!

Omaxa bin Eartha

“Psychopaths can't say 'sorry'!”

“Psychopaths can't say 'sorry'!”
(unquote, ABC LNL 10:50pm Wednesday night, 24th March 2010, guest with Philip Adams on 'Psychopathology').

A few comments following an interesting discussion on ABC Rad Nats "Late Night Live",
by Omaxa bin News-Chop.OM
in the chair for OpenSourceGovernmentPolicy.OM

The line “psychopaths can't say 'sorry'”, says a lot about the Catholic church's abuses, and about my own mothers mental condition.

It also says a lot about the hubristic politicians of the “Protestant” GW Bush administration, whose response to exposed policy decision mistakes such as the “Iraq war” was “moving forward!”

Being unable to say sorry, or being unable to apologise for mistakes or wrong behaviour, is a trait common to “witches”, because to say 'sorry' is to admit error in thinking and or in action, which challenges and undermines their confidence. And confidence is fundamental to maintaining one's “magic” aura and it's defenses.

To witches, in society, 'megalomania' is part-and-parcel of keeping their power, so one way one can tell if someone is a witch, is to watch them defend themselves when challenged.

If they avoid the subject, and any questions, and if they respond with assertive anger as a defense, especially to the point of becoming threatening and violent, then witchcraft is influencing their mind. Usually, it is not their own witchery, but that of their known or unknown “puppet-master's”.

Witchcraft, is rarely used with Honesty, because witchcraft demands that one inflates one's opinions and beliefs about oneself, and these usually become inflating in and of every other belief of or approach to events and things, and to other people around us.

It seems witchcraft is the art of knowing everything.

So in conversation, one has to be able to answer any question and be able to proffer an explanation for whatever is presented, which, as most people who practice witchcraft have not achieved the highest level of Full Enlightenment, so, are not One with the All Knowing Supreme Spirit, cannot give the truthful answer to most questions, gibberish and running-off-at-the-mouth, making-it-up-as-you-go, bullshit and loud verbose speech and social domination is the regular way for a witch to maintain their self-esteem and “position” of 'respect' amongst the group, or coven.

These traits dominate much in today's social groups, and are deadly to the Intellect, and to the educing and communication of Wisdom to a group and across a society.

Such forceful behaviour in groups from one individual to one or more others, also carries it's own 'spells' which impact upon the receiving Soul's 'sphere' or aura, and this trait can then become part of the impacted Soul's behaviour.

These are anti-intelligence spells, and are ways of forcing what is not true into the mind of another.

In a society like Australia's, where untrue beliefs have been forced into us for at least 202 years, by the same methods of witchcraft, since the most devastating political event of the infamous “Rum Rebellion” of 1808, led by the psychopathic witch, John Macarthur, we are in a constant state of war, between those who are entranced, across the generations, to support his cemented corruption of the laws, in a series of utterly destructive and again, anti-intellectual beliefs, and then laws and customs about how society works, and a new class of Warriors who have found WHAT Good Government requires - Proper Scientific Laws - Laws which can be supported with Impartial Scientific Inquiry, analysis, and deductions which lead to irrefutable conclusions. Economic conclusions.

However, finding the truth behind and within any such Laws, in Economics and in Society, is terminally impeded by the abuse of witchcraft, such that the witch's untruths forced upon our “psychic sphere” or Soul are also 'designed' to prevent us from both deconstructing the incantation, and from “hearing”, properly analyzing and accepting the truthful Laws.

In this war, both soft and hard inducements are 'deployed', by both sides.

Bribes, promises of wealth-and-social 'security' and threats of the opposites, are used.

When a situation presents itself to those who are called to play an active role where passive conversation is not seen to bring success, it is, for those who are on the side of Scientific Economic and Social Laws, and the business of “Law Reform”, necessary to resort to the earlier mentioned assertive traits as used by witches.

This, it seems, is because those they are “feuding” against, are themselves deafened by the corrupt beliefs and laws. But really, they are deafened by the witchery which put those corrupt and flawed, untrue beliefs in their minds in the first place.

This is the common fallen condition of the western mind, by all accounts, and has it's genesis in the mainstream cults - Catholicism and Christianity in general.

Christianity has nothing to do with “God” or Jesus “the son of God”

Christianity is all about witchcraft, or the abuse of it.

Jesus, most know, was a Witch.

By most accounts, he was a Good, or White Witch, and had no evil intentions or psychopathic ideals, beliefs or desires for His “fellow man” or woman.

Jesus, whose name was Yeshua ben Joseph, was himself a puppet of the Rabbis of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is likely they were corrupt, and were either of his disparaged “Sadducees and Pharisees”, and had clearly captured his mind and Soul from an early age.

Christianity's “high priests” of recent times, high only so far that the majority were/are so far below them in terms of “insider knowledge” on what the cult was/is actually about, preach that He was the son of God, but spread belief in him, so that as many people, as many minds as possible, would ideate His manifestation, or, His RE-manifestation. This is magic or witchcraft at work, and is not the calling for the marketed version, but is an occult call, an occult way of fabricating a “super-witch”.

This is what the high priests, themselves quite a lot lesser or below any Condition of Full Spiritual Enlightenment, see their own kind, the white, western “lost sheep” or flock, need, to lift them out of the pit, the ancients of their own elite classes of high priests have dropped us all in.

We, or our ancestors, were quite deliberately “dropped in the pit” of psychic ignorance, so that we were blind, so we would be happy being slaves to their grand global plans.

As with this kind of ignorant use of witchcraft, ideals were inflated, and contorted, until, at some point in Humanity's inevitable inter-fusion and growing more and more together, absolute power offered itself to the dominant dynasties, until they saw that such a “superwitch” could also bring and guarantee them, continued economic dominance. And economic dominance of the whole world.

What they may have failed to expect, or see coming, is that any such “superwitch”, who graduated beyond their own low, or entranced state of mind, to the level where the Super-witch was Divining the sought-after Wisdoms, would come to recognise how fallen the puppet masters were, and then would, following Truth, and, rejecting the false doctrines and ideations and beliefs preached and practiced, would turn against them by both exposing them, and by throwing all the facts about erring psychologies back at them!

To the point where even their ideations about a Superwitch, or, in the preachers false terminology - “a returned Jesus”, are exposed as false and based not on what the masses need, but on what the elites desire, to keep their status, dominance and wealth.

As well as exposing them as thoroughly corrupt, the superwitch also exposes them and their false ideologies as terminal for life of the species and of most all life on Earth.

Therefore, the Superwitch deduces that his only option, all things considered, is to deploy his witchcraft against those who have made him the, their, superwitch, and destroy their culture, which may mean he has, for the sake of life beyond this planet, to destroy the planet.

Not his preferred option, but as the evidence, as at 2010 CE, shows clearly that the culture and accepted customs promoted and marketed and allowed by those elites who bred him, has taken the planet to the point of environmental collapse, he is left with next to no choice.

As their psychopathology is so intense, and apparently so incurable, such that they can't even say "sorry" let alone do anything to remedy the errors, the superwitch, who has also traveled beyond the Earth to other solar systems and to other planets sustaining Intelligent life, recognises the threat the puppet masters and elites of Earth pose to the rest of the galaxy, and thus knows that, they must be heavily and urgently constrained, perhaps even exterminated.

Also, he would prefer that they woke up from their self-imposed trances and began to behave the way Humans must behave.

However, they are so self-absorbed and thus, like the witch who cannot say “sorry”, cannot correct their manners, their customs, their traditions and laws, so bring their own annihilation upon themselves, and, because of the scale of their errant culture, the annihilation of the vast majority of Humanity.

If only they could say “sorry” and mean it, to the point of effecting Wise and Intelligent Corrections in their Laws?

As they refuse, it is left up to the Righteous Warriors to cut them down to size.

The soft, western upper classes will see Actions to this end as horror.

The Wise, Impartial Warriors will see it as Justice!

It is time the psychopaths who head the dominant cults on Earth stepped down, and admitted their mental illnesses, and accepted their fate.

Humanity must evolve, and evolve fast.

As the dominant western cults appear incapable of seeing and repairing their own psychopathologies, then they must be brought to see and repair, and dispel them.

The false Jesus, bred to play Superwitch, must be allowed to rest, so He is not forced to employ his Powers.

So too, false beliefs about God, must be laid to rest.

Rise Up, the Righteous Warrior for Green, Global, Economic Justice!

It;s now for EVERYONE, to Know The True Laws, and be Sovereign.

Our Soils Our Own!

False religion is dead.

Now, St Joseph's, and mother? About saying “SORRY”?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sorry! Jesus Couldn't Make It!

So, me mum is sprung in bed, by her Grandad, John Thomas Willis, as she's having extramarital sex with her old boyfriend, "Boxer" O'brien, conceiving me!

So, lusty-lass as she was, at 31 in July 1954, with a "mission" covertly programmed into her by St Joseph's convent, the cult who "stole" her at 9 y/o from her Gunai Aboriginal father, "Donald Sutherland Willis" (Sutherlands of "Dunrobin Castle" Scotland, pioneers in 1890s east Victoria, responsible for the UNTOLD mass murder of me Gunai Aborigine Ancestors north-east of Walhalla, & the kidnap of me Pop & his 2 siblings), she jumps out of bed, throws her naked whoppers at Grandpop, & causes him to die of a heart-attack!

She runs to the nuns for a few hail Marys, & they demand my Soul - blackmail - to save her from hanging by the neck until dead!

But, another secret, they REALLY want my Soul, to be their puppet in their, & the Sutherlands & the evil "Theosophical Society's" mission.

The mission to "build" the (false) messiah!

You've all heard about or read Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"?

About Jesus Christ (Jesus ben Joseph) surviving the crucifixion & being secreted to Scotland with Mary Magdeline, to have kids & things?

"Rumor" has it, that the aforementioned "Sutherlands" are JC & Mary Magdeline's descendents, as "portrayed" in fictional format, by Dan Brown.


Maaaybe not?

But why Aborigine blood?

Aristocratic Britain & Europe were, as far back as the 18th century, becoming "inbred"!

Also, the Catholic & Sutherland & Jewish pioneers realised the Aborigine were "a fully realised race"!

A whole RACE, of Fully Enlightened Human Beings!

"Better SHOOT 'EM!!"

Too much for whitey to handle!

But, as well as wiping them out for the GOLD (120 TONS from just TWO MINES, in Gippsland, Gunai Country in the 1890s!), & for the land, they wanted the Enlightened Spirit of these "Immortals" as well, to mix into their inbred blood-line of Jesus's!

This, because the "parties", Catholics, Sutherlands, by then the wealthiest clan on Earth via the opium-growing-shipping-&-dealing British East India Company, today's IMF, & the Catholic ("Tudor" as-in Kings Henry 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, bloodline of the ancient Welsh Kings"Maredudd" or "Meredith", me STEP-Dad's real surname) elites of the University of Oxford England, knew Jesus was NOT "coming back"!

All that "HAVE FAITH & WAIT FOR JESUS TO RETURN!" was a massive lie, started by the ancient Romans, in the 4th century AD, as a way, a tool, a trick, to subdue foreign peoples, so that Rome could steal their land, their gold, their diamonds, & their children as slaves!


Funny how I WAS NOT TOLD that I'm a bastard, that me Grandad, Don S. Willis, was in fact Aborigine from an Enlightened Tribe, Nation, RACE, who, as a young boy, witnessed his Tribe being massacred in the 1890s, that mum murdered her Grandpop at my conception, that the lot of them (not Pop Willis & me Stepdad, Allan Nichols COOK-Meredith) were conspiring to set-me-up as "he who would save" the evil Catholic church cult from being exposed as a total FRAUD?

Funny that I have had to figure this all out from beneath 55 years of lies-lies-AND-MORE-DAMNED-LIES, from family, "friends", coppers, the church & the Australian Labor Party, & that now, I DEFY all attempts to put me on a pedestal, & struggle instead to survive totally alone, exiled in forests, terrorized daily by fascinated, gutless, lying scum, and that I'm now stuck on an incline in my broken-down 4x4, wanting to forget EVERYTHING?

Funny that I was terrorized, assaulted & illegally arrested, falsely charged with firing a non-existent rifle at 5 NSW catholic pathological liars, as the catholic police commander from the nearby UTTERLY CORRUPT station was meeting with Pope Benedictus XVI, in Sydney, on Wednesday 16th July 2008?

Funny haha that I don't trust ANYONE anymore, that I suspect some arse sabotaged my ute yesterday, that I'm REALLY PISSED-OFF with the world, that I don't believe in God anymore, nor in "karma", & that life on Earth is utter shit, or, Hell?

Funny haha that, after deconstructing my psyche or Soul until I find that one ex-school mate, the dickless-thus-pathologically envious "David Edney" has been playing witch on me for about 40 years, & with mum & her St Joey's nuns doing the same since my CONCEPTION, that I'm frigid, stone-cold frozen emotionally, & sexually, & that, with a LARGE body of people wanting me to wank & open my 3rd eye, to be on par with the whole insane Human race, I look, as if dead to the world, at the full moon, & crawl back into my traveling tent, & down another vodka!

PROST! Vlad!

The Man I put in the Chair at The Kremlin, in 2000!

Death to "the west"!

Death to Rome!

Oh? Did I mention that I dismissed the voice I'd hear as I lay in bed, when I was a child, as my imagination, that sounded like an old man calling-up to me from deep underground, in pain, leaving me with a feeling that a gross injustice had occured?


Murdered in the hour of my conception, not 4 feet from my bed of my 1st 20 years?

Go-on! Tell me I'm insane!

Until I get some TRUTH, with AN APOLOGY,

I DEFY!!!!